Japanese-French Fusion.

Let’s eat together and share the delight

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A sublime combination of flavour unfolds to excite the palate

About Us

Come in and discover delights to intoxicate the senses. Restaurant Yugo invites you to experience the joy of coming together and sharing the finest fusion of delicacies and flavours. Exceptional taste mingles with warm camaraderie to create a meal to be remembered long afterwards.

It excites us take the sublime flavours of Japan and merge them with the sophistication of French cuisine to create a harmonious symphony of taste and flavour. Let us enjoy the blend of sous-vide cooked endives with yuzu, sashimi with truffle oil, confit octopus and green tomato salsa.

Let us be enticed by a warm relationship of flavours. Let us drink to the friendships, the esprit du corps, the way we mix together. And let us breathe deeply the smoky florals of a rich glass of Bourdeaux, sip iced Sake, and raise cold glasses of Asahi.

We will laugh together, share stories together and enjoy our experiences together.



  • Grilled Shishito Pepper 4

    Grilled Japanese sweet pepper with Parmesan cheese

  • Yuzu Mushroom 7

    Yuzu flavor roasted seasonal mushroom

  • Tuna Tataki (5pcs) 7

    Served with Marinated Jalapeño. Fried Taro Flakes. Green Onions and Ponzu Sauce

  • Seafood Salad 7

    Organic Greens. Assorted seafood. House dressing

  • Appetizer Sashimi (6pcs) 9

    *Daily Sashimi w/ Truffle Ponzu Sauce

  • Chicken Wings (4pcs) 6

    Soy Mirin Glaze and Sansho Pepper Marinated Wings Served with Grilled Shishito Peppers

  • Jumbo Ebi Mayo (3pcs) 6

    Fried Tiger Prawn Served with Miso Mayo. Fried Leeks. shiso seasoning. Green Mix and Sesame seeds

  • Mongo Ika Karaage 6

    Panko cuttlefish. Onion rings. Truffle mayo

  • King Salmon Nigiri (Aburi w/Black Truffle) 2pcs 8

  • Sakura Roll 12

    Spicy Tuna Tempura, Cucumber, Avocado, Tuna Tataki, Green Onio

  • Chocolate Mousse Cake 6

    Dark Chocolate. Pear Confit. Whipped Ganache

Drink Special

  • Beer 4

    Russell craft lager can

  • Featured Cocktail 5

    Strawberry white sangria (strawberries, syrup, white wine)

  • Featured Cocktail 5

    Grape breeze cider (vodka, grape ramune, frozen grapes)

  • Wine (Glass) 6

    White. Chardonnay, Murray Banks, 2017, Australia

  • Wine (Glass) 6

    Red. Cabernet Sauvignon, Baron Philippe de Rothschild, 2017, France

  • Sake 6


(All served with daily soup and salad)

Feature Drink

  • Shiso (4 oz) 5

    Vodka, Shiso, Ginger Ale

  • House Sake (Hot) 4


  • Bibimbap 15

    Braised Pork Belly, Mustard caviar, Baby Bok Choy, Green Onion and Soft Boiled Egg

  • Tempura Soba 13

    Seasonal Vegetable Tempura, Soba Noodle Salad with House Dressing

  • Risotto 14

    Confit Tomato Risotto, Parmesan Cheese, Topped with Seared Tiger Prawns

  • Chirashi 19

    Assortment of Daily Fresh Sashimi Selected by Chef served on Sushi Rice

  • Pressed Aburi & Maki 17

    Salmon&Tuna Pressed Aburi Sushi (6pcs) and Daily Special Maki (4pcs)

  • House Bento Limited 18

    Chef’s Choice of 6 Dishes Served with Rice

  • Pasta 12

    Fungus Pasta Topped with Ricotta                                                               *Add Aburi Beef                                                                          +4

  • Carbonara Udon 13

    Udon with Bacon, Mushroom, Parmesan Cheese, Poached Egg and Green Onion

  • Nigiri & Maki 18

    Chef’s Choice of 6 Nigiri and 4 Daily Special Maki

  • Sashimi 18

    Daily fresh Variety of Fish Tartar, Tataki and Sashimi Served with Rice


  • Fish Miso Soup 6

    Served with daily fresh fish and seafood

  • Goma-Ae Spinach 6

    Spinach, Cherry Tomato, Crispy Lotus Root Chips, Black Sesame Dressing                                                                                                                 Add Tuna                                                                                                               +3

  • Salmon Gravlax Salad 12

    Served with Orange Dressing, Thin-Sliced Fennel, Mix Greens, Toasted Sliced Almonds and Orange Gel

  • Beef Shabu Shabu Salad 12

    Steamed Beef Slices, Tofu, Red Onions, Mixed Greens and Fried Leeks, Black Sesame Dressing

  • Beets Salad 12

    Roasted, Deep Fried and Dehydrated Beets served with Goat Cheese, Bacon, Truffle Oil

  • Quinoa Duck Salad 11

    Curry Vinaigrette Quinoa Salad, Duck Breast, Marinated baby Carrots

  • Beef Tataki (7pcs) 12

    Served with Crispy Garlic Slices, Green Onions, Sweet Ginger Sauce with Sesame Seeds

  • Tuna Tataki (7pcs) 14

    Served with Marinated Jalapeño, Fried Taro Flakes, Green Onions and Ponzu Sauce

  • Appetizer Sashimi (8pcs) 18

    *Truffle Ponzu Sauce

  • White Fish Usuzukuri (thin-sliced 7pcs) 16

    Thin Sliced Daily White Fish w/ Yuzo Ponzu

  • Scallop Ceviche 13

    Hokkaido Scallops with Cherry Tomato, Red Onions, Cucumber and Micro Greens

  • Spicy Fish Tartar 15

    Crispy Cheese Sushi Rice Cake, Avocado, Spicy Fish Tartar, Tobiko and Green Onions, Quail Egg and Unagi Sauce

  • Seasonal Vegetable & Tiger Shrimp Tempura 13

  • Mongo Ika Karaage 10

    Panko Cuttlefish served with Truffle Mayo

  • Oba to Bainiku No yakitori (2pcs) 8

    Grilled Chicken Skewers w/ shiso leaf, Scallion in Plum Sauce

  • Chicken Wings (4pcs) 10

    Soy Mirin Glaze and Sansho Pepper Marinated Wings Served with Grilled Shishito Peppers

  • Jumbo Ebi Mayo (4pcs) 12

    Fried Tiger Prawn Served with Miso Mayo, Fried Leeks, shiso seasoning , Green Mix and Sesame seeds

  • Brussels Sprouts 8

    Warmed Brussels Sprouts with Green Apple Cubes and Feta Cheese in Zesty Sauce

  • Confit Octopus 16

    Tender Octopus Served with Black Bean Purée, Cipollini onions, Sliced Fennel Salad, Corn Tempura


  • King Salmon (Aburi w/Black Truffle) 2pcs 9

  • King Salmon Toro (Aburi w/Black Truffle) 2pcs 12

  • Botan Ebi (w/ Deep fried Ebi head) 2pcs 8

  • Uni (w/ Dehydrated Uni Salt) *Seasonal* 2pcs 10

  • Hamachi 2pcs 7

  • Hotate 2pcs 7

  • Albacore (Aburi) 2pcs 6

  • Medai 2pcs 8

  • Saba (Aburi) 2pcs 6

  • Ikura 2pcs 7

  • Foie Gras 2pcs 16

  • Premium Nigiri (9 pcs) 36

    *Chef’s Choice of Special Nigiris


  • Sakura Cheese Cake 8

    Cheery blossom jam, Green tea cookie Crumbs

  • Signature Homemade Ice Cream 6

    With Fermented Glutinous Rice

  • Chocolate Mousse Cake 8

    Dark Chocolate, Pear Confit, Whipping Genache

  • Matcha Mille Crepes 8

    Layered Paper-Thin Handmade Matcha Crepes with Red Bean


  • Gindara 25

    Grilled Black Cod Marinated in Maple Syrup and Soy Sauce, Served with Fried Soba Noodles, Kale and Yuzu Foam

  • Pork Belly 22

    Braised Pork Belly, Lotus Roots Tempura, Soft-boiled egg, Baby Bok Choy, Mustard Caviar, Sweet Potato Purée

  • Confit Beef Tongue 25

    Slow-cooked Beef Tongue, Beets Purée, Sautéed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

  • Scallops Risotto 23

    Hokkaido Scallops, Black Truffle, Mushrooms, Ikura Honey Ricotta, Bonito Flakes and Fried Leeks

  • Pasta 18

    Demi-Glaze, Mushrooms, Parmigiano-reggiano, Arugula with Home-made Fazzoletti

  • Grilled Chicken 23

    Grilled Chicken Thigh, Home-made Potato Goncchi Cooked in Confit Tomato Sauce

  • Steak 30

    6 Oz.  Severed w/ Compound Butter, Sweet Potato Fries

Special Sushi Roll

  • Yugo 14

    Caramelized Onions, Cheese Tempura, Avocado, Kimchi Mayo, Beef Tataki, Garlic Chips

  • Shogun 15

    Eel, Spicy King Salmon, Tamago, Shiso, Avocado, Oshinko, Fried Leeks

  • Sakura 14

    Spicy Tuna Tempura, Cucumber, Avocado, Tuna Tataki, Daikon Sprouts, Green Onion

  • Main Street 14

    Shrimp Tempura, Mango, Cucumber, Mayo, Tobiko, Cheddar Cheese

  • Haru 16

    King Salmon, Albacore, White Fish, Kanikama, Tobiko Rolled with Cucumber

  • River Maya 15

    Spicy Fish Mixed with Tempura, Honey, Crab Sticks, Avocado, King Salmon, Albacore, Shiso Powder

Aburi Oshi Sushi (6pcs)

  • King Salmon 16

    Shiso Leaf, Sushi Ginger, Pickle Jalapeno, King Salmon Tartar w/ Yuzo Mayo

  • Hamachi 16

    Shiso Leaf, Sushi Ginger, Pickle Jalapeno, Fried Taro w/ Miso Mayo

  • Saba 15

    Shiso Leaf, Sushi Ginger, Chimichurri, Green Onion w/ Miso Mayo

  • Tiger Shrimp 16

    Shiso Leaf, Sushi Ginger, Roasted Almond Slice Pesto Mayo


  • King Salmon 3pcs 9

  • King Salmon Toro 3pcs 12

  • Botan Ebi (w/ Deep Fried Ebi head) 3pcs 8

  • Uni 3pcs 10

  • Hamachi 3pcs 7

  • Hotate 3pcs 7

  • Albacore 3pcs 6

  • Medai 3pcs 8

  • Saba (Aburi) 3pcs 6

  • Premium Sashimi Selection (10pcs) 35

    *5 kinds of Deluxe Daily Fish Pairing w/ 5 Kinds of House made Sauce

Sparking Water

  • Badoit 5/ (600ml)


Featured Cocktail

  • Osmanthus(1.5oz) 8

    Tangerine Peel Infused Gin, Honey, Osmanthus, Lemon Juice

  • Sakura(1.5oz) 8

    Unfiltered Sake, Sakura, Ramune

  • Shiso(1oz) 6

    Vodka, Shiso, Ginger Ale


  • Hoegaarden 6 /(330ml)


  • Kronenbourg 6 /(330ml)


  • Kirin Ichiban 5 /(330ml)


  • Asahi Super Dry 5 /(330ml)



  • Bailly Lapierre-Cremant 54 /Bottle(750ml)

    De Bourgogne, France

White Wines

  • Sauvignon Blanc-Mission Hill Reserve 46 /Bottle(750ml)


  • Pinot Gris-Pfaffenheim 9 /6oz. 14 /9oz. 42 /Bottle(750ml)

    Peaff Alsace, France

Red Wines

  • Chateau De la Riviere 80 /Bottle(750ml)

    Bordeaux, France

  • Pinot Noir-King Estate Acrobat 60/Bottle(750ml)

    Oregon, USA

  • Meritage Reserve-Red Rooster 50 /Bottle(750ml)

    VQA, Canada

  • Beaujolais-Bouchard Aine 8 /6oz. 12 /9oz. 36 /Bottle(750ml)

    Beaujolais, France


  • Otaka 48 /0.5L 90 /1L

  • Koto Sen Nen Junmai 38 /0.5L 70 /1L

  • Born Muroka Genshu Draft 130 /Bottle(720ml)

  • Koshino Homare Seigin 45 /0.5L 88 /1L

  • Ichinokura Super Dry 36 /0.5L 68 /1L


  • Karakuchi 15/S 20/L

  • Hakutsuru 10/S 11/L

  • Gekkeikan 8/S 11/L

Specialty menu

*Nigiri 2pcs/ Order Sashimi 3pcs/ Order

  • Aji Whole Fish Sashimi 30

  • Hotaru Ika 10

    Hotaru Ika, also name as Firefly Squid, is very tiny squid. Its season is from March to May in spring

  • Arctic Char 9

    The flesh is fine flaked and medium firm. The colour is between light pink and deep red, and the taste is like something between trout and salmon.

  • Blue Fin Tuna 18

    Traditionally known as ‘maguro,’ which is usually fairly lean

  • Shima Aji 10

    Also known as Striped Horsemackerel and from Izu Peninsula are said to be the best in Japan

  • Hari Ika 10

    One of the most common types of seafood served as sashimi. The translucent white flesh of the ika's mantle has a firm texture and a mild flavor.

  • Isaki 9

    An exclusive fish in Oita, Nagasaki, and Kouchi, Japan

  • Aji 9

    Also known as Horse mackerel is a silver-skinned fish and most from Nagasaki. Especially putting on fat from March to August

  • Reservations

    If you want to book a table, or if have an event or group larger than 10 people, call us for immediate reservation or send us a email  (Email response may be delayed)

    Kitchen By Yugo @Denman St.  

    📞: 604.623.2777  ✉️: denman@restaurantyugo.com

    Restaurant Yugo @Main St. 

    📞: 604.620.7878  ✉️: main@restaurantyugo.com

    Please note: If you are group of 2 – 4 and are unable to book a table in your chosen time slot, we do keep a portion of the room open for walk ins and our bar is first come first serve.

    Guests experience a fine balance of the most delicate fusion inspired ingredients


Kitchen by Yugo at 792 Denman Street Downtown. Come in to try an artful fusion of French and Japanese cuisine.

Restaurant Yugo is NOW OPEN. Visit us at 4265 Main Street, Vancouver.




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