Japanese-French Fusion.

Let’s eat together and share the delight

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A sublime combination of flavour unfolds to excite the palate

About Us

Come in and discover delights to intoxicate the senses. Restaurant Yugo invites you to experience the joy of coming together and sharing the finest fusion of delicacies and flavours. Exceptional taste mingles with warm camaraderie to create a meal to be remembered long afterwards.

It excites us take the sublime flavours of Japan and merge them with the sophistication of French cuisine to create a harmonious symphony of taste and flavour. Let us enjoy the blend of sous-vide cooked endives with yuzu, sashimi with truffle oil, confit octopus and green tomato salsa.

Let us be enticed by a warm relationship of flavours. Let us drink to the friendships, the esprit du corps, the way we mix together. And let us breathe deeply the smoky florals of a rich glass of Bourdeaux, sip iced Sake, and raise cold glasses of Asahi.

We will laugh together, share stories together and enjoy our experiences together.

  • Reservations

    If you want to book a table, or if have an event or group larger than 10 people, call us for immediate reservation or send us a email  (Email response may be delayed)

    Restaurant Yugo @Main St. 

    📞: 604.620.7878  ✉️: main@restaurantyugo.com

    Please note: If you are group of 2 – 4 and are unable to book a table in your chosen time slot, we do keep a portion of the room open for walk ins and our bar is first come first serve.

    Guests experience a fine balance of the most delicate fusion inspired ingredients




Restaurant Yugo

Monday – Friday          11:30- 14:30 & 17:00-22:30

Saturday :12:00- 15:00 & 17:00-22:30

Sunday:12:00- 15:00 & 17:00-22:00